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Our Story

"SIS was founded 60 years ago by my father, Mr S I Samy. It had humble beginnings at the old “Tekka” wet market in the early 60s. Very soon, it became a household name known for its quality of its fresh meat. In no small part, this was due to the hard work of its founder who spared no effort in ensuring SIS was synonymous with the best and freshest meat products.

SIS grew from strength to strength through the 70s and 80s, continuing its operations in the new “Tekka” market, expanding into wholesale business importing quality meat from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil and Uruguay.

Mr Samy’s unstinting efforts paid off handsomely as SIS emerged as the top mutton supplier in the 90s. Among his customers were other wholesalers of meat and poultry. SIS operations now included a retail shop at Buffalo Road as well as a huge warehouse store at Fishery Port Road, manned by a sizeable staff providing efficient and reliable service to a range of customers that included  restaurants, caterers, super markets and wet markets as well as walk in customers.  

When Mr Samy passed on in 2017 at the age of 82 years old, SIS was rebranded to keep with the changing times. SIS Premium Pte Ltd ~ The Joy Of Fresh Meat since 1960s. The rebranded outfit renewed its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation.

With its rich history and brand name, strong and loyal customer base our efforts at rebranding, customer centricity and innovation have fetched SIS Premium Meats a new pool of customers and greater recognition. 

Not known to rest on our laurels, SIS will continue to strive to provide the freshest halal meat and the best possible service to serve you, our customers."


Our Story

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